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His hand stalled, and he studied her quizzically. Much slower, he reached for her again.

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His long, thin fingers caressed her hair, and she leaned into his touch. She deserved so much more than a strike across the face. She wished he would unleash his full fury on her. He always liked to have options should something not go according to plan.

Using the blood tie that bound them to aid in his search, he had sought out his son.

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Once Colton was found, Drake had instructed her to have Theo, one of her very loyal coven members, call and disguise himself as Dominic to get him to come home where he would be within their reach. It had worked like a charm. All Theo had to say was that he found their father, and just like that, Colton was lured into their trap. The poor lad was so desperate to have a family he would believe anything. Too bad Dominic had sheltered him so much during his young life. We could have had him without that little bitch knowing anything.

She was well aware her questioning might earn another strike to the face, but instead, he continued to pet her hair lovingly.

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I hold grudges which must be vindicated, and what better way to teach my eldest son a lesson than to torture his beloved brother right before his eyes? His voice turned hard again, the sound making her shiver with desire. Gazing into the pitted depths of his eyes, she reached out and seductively ran her hands along his thighs.

She wanted him, needed him. If he had asked her to take her own life in order to spend eternity in the fiery pits of Hell with him, she would have done it. She licked her lips in anticipation of the gift he was about to bestow upon her.

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Show me your gratitude for my forgiveness. The sky was crystal blue with smatterings of billowy clouds gracing the vast expanse with their presence.

Kerrigan Cruz was in her place of solace, cradled by lush, green grass that cushioned her naked body. The rays of the sun reached down from the heavens to kiss her creamy skin.

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  7. The thing that had drawn her to her haven was not a little puppy who was hanging onto life by a thread. It was him. Her soul mate, Dominic Grayson. An icy cold breath whispered across her figure, drawing the buds of her breasts tight and pebbling her skin.

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    She arched her back as a quiet moan began to build in her chest and slink its way out of her parted lips. He translated for her. Let me see. The only evidence of where she had been was in the luminescence reflected back at him in her eyes. She heard his sharp intake of breath, followed by a low rumble from his chest.

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    Without warning, Dominic moved down her body, dipping his head between her thighs. Then that frosty sensation she knew only too well centered at the apex of her legs. She gasped and threw her head back, rolling her hips toward him and lacing her fingers through his hair. She closed her eyes again, warping back to the place where he would always be waiting for her.

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    Everything was more heightened there. Smells were more aromatic. Sights were crisp and vivid. The most minuscule of sounds were amplified tenfold. And her flesh was bathed in euphoric rapture.

    Paradise, for some, lay behind pearly gates. For Kerrigan, it was within the realm of her sanctuary. Tendrils of wavy locks, black as night, moved between her legs. The fine hair of his scruffy jaw tickled the insides of her thighs softly. He was insatiable—a starved man feasting on what could very well be his last meal. His satiation was her pleasure. She arched her back and moaned her orgasm. Dominic hummed at the taste of her. When he was satisfied that he had received all she had to give, he lifted his head and smirked. God, he was beautiful. The sinewy muscles of his biceps rippled under tawny skin marked with black ink in an intricate design on his left shoulder.

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    Supernova Saga

    Trilogy PDF Story. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Alexus McLeod explores every aspect of the lesser-known history of astronomy in the Americas Mesoamerica and North America , China and India, each through the frame of a particular astronomical phenomena.

    Part One considers the development of astronomy in the Americas as a response, in part, to the Supernova of , which may have led to a cultural renaissance in astronomy. He then goes on to explore the contemporary understanding of supernovae, contrasting it with that of the ancient Americas. Part Two is framed through the appearances of great comets, which had major divinatory significance in early China. The origins of Indian astronomy are examined in Vedic thought and its development is followed through the period of Jai Singh, including the role played by solar eclipses.