Effective Time Management In a Day For Dummies

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Sounds simple. Nobody does it. It took me awhile to get over the urge to open my inbox, but eventually I realized that everything can wait a few hours. Nobody is going to email you about a true emergency a death in the family, etc. Or on your colleague's desk. Or at the very least, put it somewhere that is out of sight. This eliminates the urge to check text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This simple strategy eliminates the likelihood of slipping into half—work where you waste time dividing your attention among meaningless tasks. Have you ever noticed how you feel groggy and sluggish in a hot room?

Turning the temperature down or moving to a cooler place is an easy way to focus your mind and body. Hat tip to Michael Hyatt for this one. When you sit hunched over, your chest is in a collapsed position and your diaphragm is pressing against the bottom of your lungs, which hinders your ability to breathe easily and deeply.

We tried it: Eat that frog (Time management technique)

My morning routine starts by pouring a cold glass of water. Some people kick off their day with ten minutes of meditation. Similarly, you should have a sequence that starts your morning ritual. Want more great books on productivity?

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Browse my full list of the best productivity books. This is a complete list of articles I have written on productivity. Close Search JamesClear.

You may find this method useful for making decisions and getting yourself to commit to doing one thing right away. After ranking your priorities for the day, if the number one task is a really big project then it can leave you feeling frustrated because it takes a long time to finish. Remember: It is the important things that your employer expects you to deliver on that count. Your employer won't care much about everything else, and neither should you.

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Why are time management skills important?

To avoid this:. Set predetermined times for checking your email, and check your inbox no more than three or four times per day. Create an after-hours folder for e-mails that you should get to, but that aren't urgent. This folder is particularly helpful for you to get back to important requests that can wait for a few business days prior to getting a response from you.

Send only the most critical emails during your workday. You can reduce these types of emails by not responding to those that aren't work-related.

12 Time Management Tips to Achieve Your Goals By Working Less

Empty your inbox before you leave work. You can accomplish this by creating project-related folders in which you can park emails related to specific problems. Keeping your inbox empty saves you time by eliminating non-core messages from your attention. If there are items that absolutely require attention within the next few hours or by the next day, then place them in an urgent folder. Only Process Paper Documents Once. Once they are processed, you can file them, submit them or get rid of them. Direct Message Your Colleagues.

Not urgent and important - such as networking within your finance group, training classes, etc. Not urgent and not important - such as ten minute conversations by the vending machine, checking fantasy football, etc. Obviously, you should spend as much of your day as possible on the first category. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate.

What Is Time Management?

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