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There's even a 'romantic' sub-plot where loads of naked underworld nymphs fight over Bruce's manhood "Beat me with your terrible weapon! Honestly, you have to see this to believe it even exists. Right from the opening credits that include in addition to the mangled title "super-starring Bruce Le" and "screenplay by Zackey Chan", My Name Called Bruce is shoddy in the best way and beautifully grindhouse in tone: grimy to look at, drenched in stolen disco numbers and lacking in any fucks that were available to give.

The plot involves a stolen vase that's smuggled around various countries by a bad dude called 'Nifty'. But who will get there first?


The cast are fantastic. It's a shame that Christina Cheung didn't do anything else excluding Ninja vs Bruce Lee which reuses her footage from this film, cut-up and redubbed into a new story because, in another dimension somewhere, she could've been A-list.

Enter The Dragon (Bruce lee Vs Han) No Interuptions HD

She's stunningly beautiful and can fight like hell, holding her own against and alongside Le, whose choreography once again shines here. There are some bravura fights including one where Le is tied to a chair and blindfolded and still wins! The final Eagle Claw fight by the sea is a classic. Despite its cheapness and the fact no one says the word 'Bruce' throughout , My Name Called Bruce is a great Bruceploitation film and essential to those interested in the more obscure side of Hong Kong cinema.

This one begins with 'Bruce Lee' telling Bruce Li that he has received strange phone calls and may die soon. He urges Li to avenge his death should anything happen. Cut to actual stock footage of Lee's funeral, edited together with shots of Li in mourning as he vows to always honour martial arts and find out the truth behind his master's death.

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Li uncovers a drug dealing conspiracy that for Reasons killed Bruce Lee and duffs everyone up by way of revenge. This audacious and baffling plot succeeds through the energy and style of its execution. The fights are stunning, pilfering random imagery from Lee films the gymnast in the yellow tracksuit is hysterical but adding much of Li's own martial arts style to it.

It's livened further by some knowingly fun meta gags too, like a scene in which Li is mobbed by young girls who mistake him for the real Bruce Lee.

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Despite some choppy editing and a nasty tasteless streak Bruce's mistress 'Susie Yung' is embroiled in the drugs plot and is a thinly veiled caricature of Betty Ting Pei , this is a well-made and highly entertaining kung fu film with top class fights and one of Bruce Li's most powerful performances. Sammo Hung took on Bruceploitation at full force with Enter The Fat Dragon , at once a hysterical skewering of the genre and one of the best of its kind.

Hung plays Ah-Lung, an overweight pig farmer and Bruce Lee fanatic who's sent to Hong Kong to work for his uncle on a food stall.

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He soon learns that what's acceptable in Bruce Lee movies duffing up everyone you have even so much as a minor disagreement with doesn't mirror what's actually acceptable in Hong Kong, to hilarious effect. There's almost no plot in Enter The Fat Dragon. It's an episodic collection of Ah-Lung's adventures but almost all the vignettes are a great mix of low-brow physical humour and the satire has sharp teeth, like the scene where Ah-Lung winds up on the set of a crap Bruceploitation movie or the way in which the 'Jim Kelly' character is an Asian man in blackface, poking fun at how Hollywood would cast white actors in Asian roles.

Hung's martial arts skills are phenomenal too - he is a gifted choreographer with a love of flamboyant, original and crowd-pleasing moves. The dinner party fight during which he spontaneously invents new kung fu styles based on different types of food is the stuff of genius; as funny as it is jawdropping. It's easy to see, even from this early film, Hung's unique and brilliant talent emerging. Although Enter The Fat Dragon 's loose structure doesn't quite sustain itself for a full 90 minutes, the highs are sky-high and Hung's imitation of Bruce Lee's onscreen presence is immaculate.

Before the opening credits have finished rolling, Bruce Le's duffed up about ten dudes in a streetfight and Richard Harrison has played topless tennis with some fashion models. About five minutes later, Bruce is kung fu fighting a bull an actual The dialogue is sleazy and the plot ridiculous but the whole thing bludgeons viewers into joyful surrender with its gratuitous nudity, brutal fighting and low-rent daredevil stunts, culminating in a massive, very dangerous looking explosion.

This is what happens when you put Bruce Le behind the camera he wrote and directed this one, as well as starring in it Challenge Of The Tiger is one of most vulgar, crass and dirty martial arts movies I've ever seen. It's so colourful and entertaining and tries furiously to give the audience what they want without ever thinking about whether it fits or is in remotely good taste.

Obviously it comes with the trappings of extremely low-budget trash cinema but, if you're a fan of the genre, this is solid exploitation gold. Bruce Li directs this one and stars as a lowly insurance clerk who - via a scam that involves the intended murder of a popular kung fu star - gets enmeshed in the corrupt end of the Hong Kong film industry. He's initially hired as a stunt double but soon becomes a star himself and, the higher he goes, the deeper the corruption runs The Chinese Stuntman is, without any competition, Li's masterpiece.

It's got a strong plot with actual twists and characters you care about. It's a semi-autobiography, a homage to a golden age of eastern stuntwork, a vicious swipe at industry sharks and an effective action film loaded with passionate, brutal kung fu in many styles. The cast is great too and boasts a rare fighting appearance by Bruce Lee's best friend, Guru Dan Inosanto.

The postmodern aspect of the film is way ahead of its time. From the clever thematic subtexts e. It's witty, perceptive and cleverly executed. The Chinese Stuntman still hasn't been reappraised as one of the better films of its epoch, which is tragic because it's a fantastic martial arts piece and deserves better than to be confined to the niche prison of Bruceploitation.

Sadly, it was to be Li's final film. Still, as swansongs go, this is an impressive full stop and says all it needs to say. All of that said, Bruce Lee is exceptionally charismatic. Lee owns the screen with his presence and when he strips off his shirt and shows off that lean, shredded frame he takes on the aura of a true movie star. The fight choreography in Enter the Dragon is stunningly beautiful, brutal, and exciting. Lee is a true movie star and even in his quiet scenes or his dialogue scenes, he conveys personality and charisma that is enhanced by his remarkable physicality.

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Lee is good enough that I could recommend Enter the Dragon based solely on the chance to see Lee at the height of his powers. You just might want to fast forward to the fight scenes, especially the ones near the end of the movie. I have been a film critic for more than 17 years and worked professionally, as a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association for the past 6 years. My favorite movie of all time is The Big Lebowski because it always feels new.

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  • That would be more of a punishment for everyone else than it would be for the over-inflated egos that sta Clouse and Heller pushed ahead with the mirror concept, and once they showed the set to Lee and he was able to move around in the space, he became a believer. According to Hubbs, though, working for hours on end in that environment created a unique set of challenges.

    Lee was not just the star of Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee. According to Weintraub, he later went back to Hong Kong to shoot the early sparring sequence at the monastery with his friend Sammo Hung. He passed away on July 20, , in Hong Kong, at the age of just Because of this, and because of the power of Enter the Dragon , he became a star of mythic proportions, something which continues to this day. In the summer of it was reported that Deadpool 2 director David Leitch is in talks to direct a remake of the film, which as of July was still looking for a writer.

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