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Models are scanned with an ultrasound machine so physicians can practice their skills. The participants are medical doctors, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

Volunteer Opportunity: Be an Ultrasound Model

The ultrasound scan is like those done for pregnant women and involves no harmful radiation. The physicians will be looking at the heart, aorta, lungs, abdomen and uterus. Loose, comfortable clothes such as a sports top and shorts are recommended. Towels will be provided. We also need people with positive findings. We are looking for pericardial effusions, abdominal aortic anyeurisms AAA , and early pregnancies approx 6- 8 weeks. If you have any of these findings, please send me a note after registering.

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European Parliament. All sources. All press releases databases. Improved student performance and attractiveness of teaching to ambitious college graduates may eventually increase public will to fund education at higher levels. More News Opportunity Culture Follow. How do MultiClassroomLeaders build team cohesion?

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  • Read our new blog to learn more. In a complete Opportunity Culture, there are career opportunities for educators at all levels. Watch our new video to learn more. In a new blog, we share key takeaways. What if more than 25 percent of teachers in my school are excellent? Do only 25 percent of teachers benefit from these models?

    School Model Details

    How are teachers held accountable for the results of all the students for whom they are responsible? Will these models take away from the teamwork and collaboration that are so important in my school? Does reach extension create more work? Do some of these models force teachers to work fewer hours for lower pay? Why would anyone—teachers or parents—want students to have remotely located teachers?

    What kind of training will multi-classroom leaders receive? What does the schedule look like for a multi-classroom leader? How many hours does a multi-classroom leader work?

    Related to Emerald

    Team Teachers How do team teachers advance into a multi-classroom leader role? Will I be paid the same as a team teacher as I am now as a classroom teacher? Does a team teacher work fewer hours than a multi-classroom leader? How is it fair to judge me on student test scores when I work with such a difficult population? Time Swaps Are students doing digital learning with minimal teacher involvement? Are students just working on whatever they want to do during digital time? Other Teachers How can these models help PE, music, and art teachers?

    How can teachers stay connected to their students and support their social and emotional growth if students are spending more time online, and teachers are held accountable for many more students? How can schools that are already struggling financially pay for technology-based models? Other Opportunity Culture Questions Is this initiative anti-union or against increases in overall school funding?

    Research shows that the top 20 to 25 percent of teachers produce about a year and a half of progress annually with students on average. With those excellent teachers, students who start a year behind can catch up— if they have a top teacher for two consecutive years.

    Opportunity model of collaboration: a model for assessment instrument development.

    Students who start two years behind can catch up if they have a top teacher four years in a row. And students who catch up can leap ahead to advanced learning every year thereafter that they have an excellent teacher. These are the kinds of results schools need consistently to close gaps and enable students to leap ahead. The more consistently a teacher achieves results at that level, the better: Producing learning outcomes with increasing consistency, with varying students in varying situations, is one aspect of excellence. While results may vary from year to year, or class to class at the secondary level, research indicates that teachers tend to perform fairly consistently.

    That said, with the right personal commitment and development opportunities, any teacher can improve, and most of our school models provide new opportunities for collaborative teams and professional development. Many jobs require creative, conceptual, and problem-solving skills, and these skills can bring joy and satisfaction to both academic pursuits and work.

    Business Models for Scaling Up Energy Access (IFC)

    With excellent teachers consistently, all students can have hope they will be prepared for good jobs requiring differing combinations of knowledge, skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking. As in any job, hitting the numbers is just one measure. Schools will want to reflect on their own definitions of teacher and student success , and include measures that help teachers select the right roles and career advancement paths.


    Many of these measures can be correlated with student learning growth in tested grades and subjects—and then used reliably to identify and determine career paths for teachers in untested grades and subjects. Some schools may choose to start reach extension in grades and subjects that already have reliable standardized tests.

    Some schools may choose to use reliable tests or exams not required by the state to compare teachers within the school or district. The Multi-Classroom Leader ensures that each team teacher is responsible for the development of a specified set of students, and that the team has scheduled time to share information and concerns about each student for example, while students are in art, PE, or music, lunch and recess, or digital learning. If a student is slipping academically or having new or more serious behavioral or social issues, the team will have time to share that information and determine how to follow up with the student and parents.

    This model can also include time for the team to identify student needs and collaboratively determine how to follow up with students and parents. See also the answer below about students working in a Time-Technology Swap or blended-learning model. Technology in an Opportunity Culture. Opportunity Culture Impact. Click here to see the complete Opportunity Culture Data Dashboard. Sign up for E-News updates:. New Opportunity Culture Video. Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 5 Like on Twitter 8 Twitter What can you do in an OpportunityCulture?