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I wrote to you by a Vessel for Liverpool some Time ago which I hope you will recieve. The Tone I shall always think good as long as it has any; but the Touch is indeed so uncomfortable that Sally has but little Inducement to practise; and the Machinery from the Beginning was so complex; that it was almost impossible for any one to keep it in Order but the Man who made it: And as Miss Sally really plays very well, I think it would be very proper to sell this and buy her a new Harpsichord of a more simple Construction.

I have put on Board the Ship which was Capt. Not found. He was careful to have Sally keep up her practicing; above, X , , ; and this volume, p. She had written her mother April 26, , while on a visit to Burlington, that she hoped her music master had finished repairing her harpsichord.

Jacob Kirkman, or Kirchman — , a German-born instrument maker, had established himself in London during the s. As to property being secured by political liberty, I would observe that this is a position more specious perhaps than true. No man pays a tax with his own con sent, that is, he would rather not pay it, if he could refuse with honour and safety.

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The payment of taxes is always attended with some reluctance of mind, and often with open murmurings and com plaints, either as to the time, purpose, or propor tion of the tax. The case is quite otherwise when money is taken from us by the strong hand of ar bitrary power: all reasoning, all deliberation is out of the question—we have nothing to do but pay—and so the mind is saved a deal of trouble and vexation. This paying may, indeed, have a ten dency to poverty—and so much the better; for poverty incites industry, and industry is the mother of health and contentment.

TO illustrate my meaning by a familiar instance: suppose a traveller meets a friend on the road, who requests him to give or lend him a small sum of money for a present purpose: the traveller he sitates; he cannot decently refuse; and yet he would rather the request had not been made: in this conflict his mind suffers no small anxie ty.


WITH respect to life's not being secure under a despotic government, I have only to observe, that no one can justly complain of an injury he ne ver suffered; and that after the evil hath hap pened, the party will not be in a condition to complain. So much for civil liberty.

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BUT independence , cries the American; What have you to say against independence? The glory of our country, the reward of our va lour, and the fruit of our seven years sufferings, and bloody contest. This is mere popular excla mation. Let us view the thing in its true light, and we shall find that all the disadvantages atten ding civil liberty, some of which I have enume rated, are applicable to independence, together with many additional consequences.

WHILST we were dependent upon Great Bri tain, we had no trouble in studying the characters, customs, and manners of foreign nations; the English were so kind as to furnish us with all their ideas on these subjects. How easy was it to believe all this? Implicit faith saves an infinity of trouble. How happy were we in submitting to the government, adopting the prejudices, and aping the manners of a nation, which we conceived to be the glory of the world, and the perfection of human nature? We are compel led by actual experience to acknowledge, that the French are a brave, generous, and polished peo ple: and that none of the other nations are, in truth, such as they have been represented to us.

Our commercial connections will convince us that human nature is fundamentally the same in every country. Hans Christian Andersen. A Moral Alphabet.

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